Investment & Growth Strategy


Internal growth strategy: The REIT Manager will implement pro-active measures to enhance the Hotel Portfolio and to improve their operational performance, so as to optimise the cash flow and value of the Hotel Portfolio. Through such active management, the REIT Manager seeks to enhance the efficiency of the Hotel Portfolio to improve occupancy rates and average RevPAR for lodging services, and utilization rate of seats, average spending per customer and revenue per sq.m. per year of banquet rooms for F&B services, as well as to create a better lodging and catering experience for its customers.



External growth strategy: The REIT Manager will source for and pursue asset acquisition opportunities which provide attractive cash flows and yields and which satisfy the REIT Manager’s investment mandate for New Century REIT to enhance the returns to Unitholders and improve potential opportunities for future income and capital growth.



Financing strategy: The REIT Manager will endeavour to maintain a strong balance sheet, employ an appropriate mix of debt and equity in financing acquisitions of properties, secure diversified funding sources to access both financial institutions and capital markets, optimise its cost of debt financing and utilize interest rate and exchange rate hedging strategies, where appropriate, in order to reduce exposure to market volatility.